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Hi everyone,

My name is Roach and this is the first website I've made (with help of Mathieu Bélanger), shut the fuck up if you don't like it. For those who know me, I don't have to tell you who I am, but for the others, here are some explanations: I was born at the Hawkesbury General Hospital, in Ontario. We were living on the other side of the bridge, on the Quebec side, in Grenville, on the shore of the Ottawa River. When I was 9, my parents got divorced and I went to live in Ontario with my mother (Hawkesbury and Alfred).

But there I started to smoke hash. I was 13 when my mother caught me and I went back to my father's. I did a detox when I was 14 and at the end of my 14th year. I was put in juvie. This is where things began to fall apart!!! A juvenile detention centre is like a jail, aka Crime & Drug School. Anyway, my father couldn't stop me from smoking dope so he had me thrown in juvie. But me, I only wanted my freedom, so I ran away. But when you run away, where do you go? Not at your dad's or family's for sure, they'll call the cops. Not at your friend's either 'cuz you'll either be a pain in the ass or get them nailed for hiding you. So you don't have that many alternatives and I chose the streets of Montreal because it's a big city and when I was a kid, the city was magnificent!

But I fell into hard drugs while I was in the streets. I won't go into details but I can say that I've tried them all. From glue to acid, to PCP, to the needles, everything! And one day I met this guy who needed a film subject and wanted to teach me the film making process, but at first he wanted to document my life. This guy is Daniel Cross. Today I owe him my life and the fact that I wanna do something with my life now, and I will forever be grateful to him for the support he gave me when I decided to quit hard drugs and needles!!! Without Daniel and Mila (Spit cameraman and producer) I would be dead! They gave me a camera to document my life and that's how I landed on my feet. With my camera, I did SPIT of course, but I also traveled across Canaduh! With my friend Smash and I documented our trip in Western Canaduh! The Quebecers in the Okanagan Valley, Vancouver, the cherry trees, friends, desert, we filmed a bunch of shit!

So I continue to carry on this way, hoping the team at Eye Steel Film will support me again and that I will learn more things, like html that I just learned and I have some problems understanding parts of it, but hey! What the heck! So I hope you'll enjoy your visit here and that you will learn more about me and you'll go see some pictures of my friends!


Tuesday April 10th, 2007

Hi Everyone! If some of you guys are in Toronto Saturday April 21st at 11h30PM and don't know what to do (because there is nothing to do in Toronto at this time of the night), I may have a suggestion for you! My new film "PUNK THE VOTE" will be playing at the Bloor Cinema (506 Bloor street west) in its Toronto Premiere. The film is playing in the HOTDOCS: Canadian International Documentary Festival and is in nomination in the "Democracy" category. If you are not able to make it on Saturday or it is too late for you, it's ok! The film will also play at the Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex avenue) at 6h30PM. Hope I'll see you there!

Saturday March 17th, 2007

Hello everyone, I am really sorry for the late update and news. I was so busy with the promotion of "Punk The Vote", my new film. But I didn't forgot you, and didn't forgot the site, even if the important dates are passed which I'm really sorry about this... So to start, "punk The Vote" was nominated for Best Documentary Hope at the R.V.C.Q (Rendez Vous du Cinéma Québécois). During this film festival, the film played twice: once in Montreal, and the other in Quebec City. My wife and I (yes I am getting married) also went to a press screening of "Punk The Vote" in Quebec City and we went in a limousine, that was a fucked up situation!!! After that, the film was presented at Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke. I also presented "Punk The Vote" in some High School and College. And finally, the film was presented last Sunday, March 11th, at Canal D, a french TV Station. We had a big party to celebrate the first time in career that one of my film played on TV. I am really proud of this and my friends and relatives are also very proud of me.. To conclude this update, here is the big news!!! "Punk The Vote" was accepted at "Hot Docs: Canadian International Documentary Festival" and is nominated in the category "Democracy". So I am really really sorry about this late update but from now on I'll keep you updated for the next events to come.

Wednesday September 27th, 2006

YO EVERYONE!!! The World Premiere of "Punk The Vote: Roach in election" will be happening Friday October 20th at 9h pm at Ex-Centris cinema situated at 3536 boul. St-Laurent. Come and bring all your friends for this event. The film will be followed by a question and answer period and after their will be a huge party with bands, beers and DJ...

Monday August 21st, 2006

Hi All! Good news on this update. My new film "Punk The Vote" was just accepted by the festival of New Cinema, here in Montreal. So I am gonna world premiere my film in October. I don't have the dates and times yet but I'll keep you guys inform. Stay connected, Thanx.

Wednesday May 03rd, 2006

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE. Get your hand on a copy of the DVD of ROACHTRIP freshly out of the machine. The DVD includes The Film but also 2 short films of Roach, which are ZLEA and RoachTrip to Tver. Available Online at www.eyesteelfilm.com

Thursday April 18th, 2006

Here is a new little film for you guys. It is a demo of a film I was suppose to do but never did due to lack of funding...

Thursday April 13th, 2006

We're gonna get fucked!

Monday February 13th, 2006

Interesting article from La Presse! (in French)

Tuesday January 24th, 2006

The Tories Won

Wednesday January 11th, 2006

Electoral Campaign 2006
Press Release 01
For immediate release

Punk Filmmaker Eric Roach Denis announces his official candidacy for the upcoming federal election as an independent running in the riding of Outremont.

Montreal, Tuesday January 3rd 2006 – The Director General of Elections Canada has confirmed the candidacy of Eric Roach Denis for the upcoming federal elections on January 23rd.

Today, Roach is presenting himself as an independent candidate in the Liberal stronghold of Outremont. His goal is to give a voice to those who don’t have one; those who are marginalized or who have traditionally been left out of the political process. In support of this cause, Roach’s platform is based on the need for proportional representation in Canada’s parliament.

“I want to instigate change in the Canadian electoral system so that all Canadians and legitimate points of view are represented in Ottawa. People on the fringes and those with alternative points of view are often excluded from Canadian society, and nowhere is this more apparent then in politics. Things have to change.”

“Fear drives people to vote against their heart and political convictions. As a consequence, they vote for the Liberal Party. This means that their real point of view is not represented and therefore voters have become disillusioned. I have noticed this particularly among the youth – often poor - from my generation, who are losing their desire to vote. Voting strategically doesn’t do anyone any good. You have to vote for an idea, rather then against it.”

Contact informations:
Press center
(514) 937-4893
Halima Ouardiri

Monday November 14th, 2005: ALL RIGHT! Finally my new short film I did in July with my buddy Smurf is available. Just go down this page and click on "FILMS", there you'll find a nice little film on the FTAA call "ZLEA: Zone Libre d'Expression Anarchiste" which means a Free Zone of Anarchist Expression...

July 25th 2005: The Quebec Arts Council, and Canal D had accepted to fund the making of my film idea, Starbuck: The King of Rock. It will now make this film for real. It is not an idea anymore but it is the reality now. I will keep you inform...

May 10th 2005: The film DIY : Le punk Hardcore Montréalais (DIY : Montreal Hardcore Punk) was refused funding by the SODEC so I won’t be completing the film and have switched to Starbuck: Le roi du Rock (Starbuck: The King of Rock), but this new idea has just been chosen for the CTV Documart in Banff. I have to lay out my idea for 21 juries, there are six teams in competition and the grand prize is 50 000$. For more info go to: http://www.banff2005.com/pitch.details.php?p=ctv.


Wish me luck on the Message Board!!!

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