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Angie and Allia
Dan Cross and Guy Lafleur
Dan Cross in Paris
Dan Cross in Israel
Dany Lussier
Donald tout nu!
Sandy Beach, Shediac NB
Lazy Dan
Roach on a huge lobster
Lucifer and Roach
Lucifer and Roach at the beach
Lucifer and "Lobster"
Martin Lamarre
Max on huge lobster
Max on huge lobster
Melyssa, Donald and Roach @ Beru
Firing Range
Bird on Restigouche river
Pixie, Roach and Stony
Roach and Donald @ Beru
Roach and Donald camping
Roach, Mireille, Nat, Steph
Roach in St-Calixte
Roach in a plane
Roach panhandling
Roach smoking
Roach thinking
Sac à Gnôle
Sac à Gnôle
Sandy Beach, Shediac NB
Shadow, Angie
Sandy Beach, Shediac, NB
Roach on huge lobster
Shylock and Ti-Mé's dogs
Starbuck drumming
Hélène burried in sand
Val, JP
Yany with porn
Dad and myself
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
Pam and Ti-Pit
Pam and Ti-Pit
E.S.F. rafting
E.S.F. rafting
R.I.P. Roberto
Soon to be married
"Supreme Male": Cassandre
Punk The Vote
The Sunday Crew 1
The Sunday Crew 2

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