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Roach has been living on the streets since age 14, he's rebellious, loud and defiant. As part of S.P.I.T., Roach has been given a camera to document his world. The footage he gets is urgent, because there's a war against squeegee kids. The RoachCAM is positioned behind enemy lines: living in derelict buildings, squeegeeing for money, being hunted by police. The viewer is forced to look at the living reality of Roach and his friends: Hungry on the streets in one of the world's most prosperous countries, classified as thugs, criminals, and enemies. These kids refuse to obey, assimilate, and conform to society's values - their beliefs and realities are scarred into their flesh in the form of piercings, tattoos, track marks, bruised veins, rotting teeth, gangrene, scurvy...

S.P.I.T. shatters the windshield between Us and Them. Roach's camera acts as the hammer: hard, forceful, direct; impacting with the force of an actual life. Daniel Cross' camera documents the impact: recording the reflections of individual lives, mirrored upon the shards of flying glass.

This is a collaborative film that seizes Punk's "do-it-yourself" ethos. Local punkers Deadly Pale, Locos and others contributed guttural emotion to the soundtrack. Artist Rick Trembles supplied an apocalyptic animation sequence from Roach's imagination. Youth and rebellion fuel this film.

Daniel Cross makes films with people who traditionally aren't given a voice. The Street: a film with the homeless has won audience awards and critical acclaim for its frank and compassionate portrayal of three homeless men. During the making of The Street, Cross began to notice more and more homeless young people. Kids sleeping in doorways, squeegeeing for spare change, stepping into traffic and announcing their poverty. Feared by motorists and hunted by police. S.P.I.T. Squeegee Punks in Traffic was created within the bleak reality of this new generation gap. This is an independent, auteur film: daring, cinematic and urgent


ROACHTRIP starts by waving the black flag in the house of commons and ends wandering lost in the desert. In between is a hardcore odyssey down Canada's invisible punk highway spiraling out of the filthy city in search of something pure and clean but ending up back in the thick of the shit because you can't run forever. You can try to escape the drugs, the cops, the pollution but eventually it catches back up with you.

Roach and Smash, two inseperable street buddies from Montreal, ping-pong across the country to the dismay of athority figures all over. The forst time we met Roach and Smash was in 2002's documentary hit S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks In Traffic, which chronicled the zero-tolerance war against squeegee kids, now these 2 co-conspirators are set loose with the RoachCam and the loose mandate of filming annual punk migration across Canada to the Okanagan Valley.

Camping, fishing, and fruit-picking their way through summer, these two punks are never quite able to leave the city behind. Just beyond the paradise of the Okanagan lies the lure of the streets of Vancouver, North America's heroin Capital. The film is an autobiographical coming-of-age chronicle told in an intimate point-of-view style.

Won 2nd place at KINO-GLAZ Festival in Tver, Russia.

Starbuck: Le roi du rock (IN PRODUCTION)

The first t ime I met Starbuck was at punk bar in Montreal. There was a fight, some bottles were broken on some heads and he picked me up with one hand and threw me on the sidewalk. I hated him. I thought he was a typical brainless bouncer. Later I learned that Starbuck and I had a lot in common. His step father kicked him out of his house when he was a kid, and he grew up on the streets.

The next time I saw Starbuck, he was on stage, blood was gushing from his face, people were pissing all over the place, and there were dildoes and broken glass everywhere. Pure Chaos. It was the only time I'd ever seen a punk audience shocked!

His song "Débranchez Moi" was a chart topper for 10 weeks in Quebec. It's not your typical punk rock song, it's an attack on corruption in politics, and the Liberal party. That's why he stuffs a Canadian Flag up his ass during his shows. He cuts himself and hurts himself on stage to end the suffering of others.kind of like Jesus, with a Mohawk.

But that wasn't enough for him. He needed a bigger stage to make his statement and so he decided to try the most disgusting, publicly degrading activity possible.politics. Outremont district. He'd tasted blood.

So when he found out there would be an election call after the Gomery commission, he couldn't have been happier. This time, the election is ABOUT corruption in politics and Starbuck is getting ready.

65% of young people (18-35) in Canada have never voted.the majority of this country believes in Apathy or Anarchy. The Liberals take advantage of this to stay in power, but now Starbuck is running IN THE NAME of Apathy and Anarchy. It's Starbuck against the big Liberal machine. This will be the first interesting film about politics ever!

So I'm going to keep my camera on Starbuck during the entire campaign; going door to door, kissing babies, and head to head debates. And you know what? He has a good chance. Every few years, Quebec produces a politician that shocks, inspires or disgusts the rest of the country. Starbuck specializes in all 3 at the same time.

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